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guidance session

If you want to listen to my perspective about anything, I might be able to help!

commissioned art

Before diving into Youtube, my main job was illustration, and it was a job I always continued in the background, because it is one of my main passions. It’s a job I do depending on my schedule and conditions, so please email me through the Contact Page for us to work something out.


You can also check out my shop, where I have for sale some pieces and also some prints that I’ve created.

guidance session

If you feel my perspective about spirituality can aid you on your journey, feel free to reach out! If you are feeling the pull to connect, it means there is something to be shared. I can also provide some different perspective to whatever topic you might want to talk about, and give you some pointers based on my own experience that might help you in your own exploration. 

30 minute session


45 minute session


60 minute session


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