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Intuitive reading

I’ll connect with your guides and record you an audio only intuitive message.

commissioned art

Before diving into Youtube, my main job was illustration, and it was a job I always continued in the background, because it is one of my main passions. It’s a job I do depending on my schedule and conditions, so please email me through the Contact Page for us to work something out.


You can also check out my shop, where I have for sale some pieces and also some prints that I’ve created.

intuitive reading

If you feel a bit confused on your journey and that a message from your own spirit guides might help, I am able to connect with them and tell you, intuitively, what the most important message is for you to know right now, about your situation. You can ask about a specific topic, or keep it general. Sometimes, I might also pull some Tarot Cards, to help clarify the message.

The price for this message is 60€. It will be delivered in an audio only format (mp3) to your email account, in 7 days max.

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