About me

so, this is me

My name is Filipa. I am a normal but also special human… like you! I love to laugh, to play and to express myself, and that’s usually where my passion leads me towards.

I believe that we all come to this wonderful planet Earth to enjoy it, while sharing with everyone who we truly are -our authentic light! -as we fully discover who we are too.

I am always changing, and so, the way my passion is expressed is always changing too. But I do love drawing, being that the main activity where I can let my mind wander more easily. I also love filming, editing videos and music that touches my heart deeply. I have an immense curiousity about how everything works, especially the universe and the unseen! So of course, the fact that I am drawn to spirituality and esoteric knowledge is no surprise too.


I started the journey of sharing my perspective online through channeling an ET being (Hylah from the Yahyel), on my Youtube channel. That whole chapter of my journey started in 2019.

I did it for two complete years until, unexpectedly, my life completely flipped, and I became aware of a whole new level of information regarding the topic. And so, I felt the impulse to explore it in a completely new perspective. One that fully embraces the power, wisdom and beauty of being a Human. 

And that’s where I am now. 

I am now striving to merge this knowledge I intuitively received, with my Human perspective. I truly believe that balancing Extradimensional information with our physical knowledge and perspective is part of this path of integration we are exploring in this time, here on Earth. One that recognizes our power, in a holistic way and that can be truly beneficial for all beings envolved.


No idea! It will be a surprise for everyone, even me!

I just know I want to continue to fully express my heart, in all ways I feel excited to. And, if possible, doing it in a lighthearted and fun way. That’s always what I prefer.

If you are here and want to participate in this dance, I truly thank you for that! I wouldn’t be able to do it without you afterall! Let’s share and learn together. 

If you are interested in seeing some of the art I make or check the services I offer, feel free to click on this button down below. Have a beautiful day, and lots of fun!

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